Royal Academy of Dance Classes

Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus Classes

Classical ballet is conventionally the foundation for all other dance styles and provides the perfect framework to develop a range of fundamental skills for the young dancer.  The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus is one of the world’s most renowned training programmes for children and young people. Their examination and assessment standards are high and designed to encourage technique and enjoyment of performance from beginners to advanced.​​​

Pre-Primary in Dance

An introduction to movement for young children. This class will give students a strong foundation of basic dance principles, musicality and an enjoyment for moving.

Primary in Dance

A follow on from Pre-Primary in Dance. Children will be able to progress what they have previously learnt with the addition of new steps and vocabulary.


Grade 1, 2 and 3 Ballet

A continuation from Primary in Dance. Recently updated by the Royal Academy of Dance the syllabus prepares students for a foundation in classical ballet to well known pieces of music and incorporates the use of props and character work.



Grade 4 and 5 Ballet NEW SYLLABI

The new RAD Grades 4 & 5 syllabi work to expand candidates’ ballet and Character technique and knowledge, allowing them to further explore movement and expression, building on the foundation of Grades 1 – 3. The syllabi, which have been developed from a learner-centred approach, lets students engage with a rich body of work, culminating in an examination ‘performance’.



Discovering Repertoire *NEW 2020*

Discovering Repertoire is a classical ballet performance programme, an innovative new concept in training and assessment from the RAD.

Uniquely, the programme includes well-known classical repertoire, meaning students will learn and dance choreography that they have seen on stage, set to music that they know and love.

Suitable for students from age 12 through to adult, the three levels cater for beginners, those with some prior ballet experience, as well as the more advanced dancer.



Vocational Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced 1 Ballet

The Vocational Graded Examinations in Dance syllabus provides an in-depth study of ballet, develops technique, music and performance skills and introduces pointe work for female candidates.


If you do not see a class that is right for your child let us know, we will most likely be able to provide one!