Examinations Policy

Children above the age of 4 (BBO Dance) and 5 (Royal Academy of Dance) are eligible to take examinations. The examinations incur a fee which has to be submitted by a set deadline otherwise the candidate can not be entered. On completion of the examination, students will be rewarded with a certificate and medal which is recognised by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual).


When a student is recognised with the potential to take their exam, they will receive an email from their teacher outlining the costs involved and informing them of the upcoming dates for the exam session. Please note we strongly advise that students from Grade 1 upwards study 2 classes a week. Students who do not study 2 classes a week will be entered for a class award.

The dance school can not specify a specific date for the exam until a student has been submitted. The organisation of an exam tour is a demanding process. Our regional administrator will advise us of which date we have been given to take our exam once all of the entries have been submitted. The exam can take place on ANY day of the week and often means taking a few hours out of school. The RAD provide a letter to support authorising this absence with your child's school. This can be found on the Examination page of the website.

Exam payments are made payable to the dance school which are then forwarded to the appropriate Dance organisation. Once entered for an exam the exam fee is NON REFUNDABLE.

Students will not be entered unless they are capable of succeeding and are well prepared. Exam rehearsals are essential and it is encouraged that students, where possible, attend all of these.

Students are encouraged to undertake their own practise at home in the lead up to the exam. It is also vital that students attend as many classes as possible. The exams are assessed on technique, something that can only be corrected by the teacher. Students may know all of their dances however there are no marks this. We want our students to do the best they can to achieve the marks and recognition they deserve.

If a student has poor attendence they will not be entered for an examination. Entering a child who is not yet ready to take an exam causes unnecessary stress on the student and their teacher.

Exam results will be given to students in person. The exam process is a joint effort from students and teacher and delivering this news is one of the fulfilling parts of being a dance teacher. Please note results will not be given to those that are not up to date with their fees.