Stretch and Strengthen

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Ballet isn't just a magic trick that can be perfected during one class a week. Classical ballet involves strength, flexibility, co-ordination, musicality and performance. Professional dancers work tirelesy throughout their career to improve their capabilities and aim for perfection.

We encourage all of our students to put their best foot forward and do what they can to be the best that they can be.


"According to Dr Gavin Sandercock, who led a recent study, there was a 20% decrease in muscle strength and a 30% decrease in muscle endurance over the 16-year period." (BBC News 2018)

The report suggests that on average children are weaker than they were 16 years ago. 

A crucial element of ballet in core strength which supports correct posture. Today children have noticeably arched backs, this is something that with some additional homework and regular ballet classes can be corrected and properly taught.

On this page our students can find a pictures, videos and links of some of our suggested stretches and strengthen exercises, along with a link to our pinterest page where there are further stretching ideas. All of our students have been informed about stretching safely and making sure their bodies are warm before doing their stretches.

Keep up the hard work!


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