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Classes for children from 18 months - 5 years

Tiny Dancer classes are specifically for children between 18 months and 5 years. Early year development is very important and can give children the start they need in the world. Our classes are designed to help children develop at a pace that is suited to their needs whilst giving them the opportunity to explore and try new things. Music and movement have many benefits at a young age alongside promoting an active lifestyle. We pride ourselves on helping children achieve and having a sense of pride and accomplishment. See below our list of classes. Booking is essential. Get in touch to reserve your children space.




18 months +
3 years +
Pre Primary Photo by David Tett; courtes
Childrens summer class Photo by David Te

The parent and toddler dance classes are designed to help your toddler enhance their co-ordination and rhythm. The class content will nurture their natural love of movement and music in a structured yet relaxed 30 minute class. Classes are suitable for both boys and girls aged from 18 months upwards. The class involves a variety of props and styles of music. Not only will your child develop their co-ordination and ability to move to music they will also learn to work with other children and build social relationships.

The Pre-school class is a continuation of our parent and toddler class. Children are encouraged to develop their physical abilities whilst enhancing their co-ordination and rhythm. The class encourages creativity and freedom of movement. The class continues to include the use of props and encourages children to build on their relationship with the peers by dancing and performing together. .


Foundation School
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The brand new Foundation class has been designed to help bridge the gap between our Tiny Dancer classes  and our Royal Academy of Dance syllabus classes. Here children will build on prior knowledge and begin to put dances together containing more than one aspect of movement. This class focusses on co-ordination and strength of the body. As children grow their sense of balance alters, children are supported through many aspects of dance whilst still being encouraged to express their creativity.