Vocational Ballet Classes

Pre-vocational Ballet Training 

The Pre-vocational ballet Training class has been devised by Stephanie to offer students and extra, in depth technique class on a weekly basis. Students are encouraged to study two classes a week to develop their technique and their music and performance skills. The class is specifically designed for students from Grade 1-3 to develop their technique and strength and gain a sound knowledge of the vocabulary required for Intermediate Foundation. This will ensure a more seamless transition for the student from the Graded syllabus into Vocational levels.


Entry into this class is by invitation only and the class must be taken in addition to at least one Graded class. 

Royal Academy of Dance Vocational Ballet Classes

The Vocational Graded Examinations in Dance Syllabus provides an in-depth study of ballet developing the technique, music and performance skills of the student. It introduces Pointe work for female candidates. This highly focused and practical training education prepares students for a dance, or dance related, career. The Vocational Graded syllabi are appropriate for students from the age of 10 years. Students wishing to study for Vocational Graded examinations should have the maturity and technical aptitude to enable them to respond to demanding study. 

Entry into this class is by invitation only and the class must be taken in addition to at least one Graded class. Furthermore students will be advised in writing when they are ready for pointe work.

Expectations for Vocational Ballet Classes
  • Students should arrive promptly and be warm and ready to start dancing by the start time of their class. 

  • It is essential that all students are correctly equipped and dressed for both their safety and for the teachers to be-able to check students are dancing correctly and safely.

  • During the colder months dance school hoodies or ballet cardigan may be worn for the warm up but removed immediately after.

  • Hair for Vocational Ballet should be in a bun. Jewellery should be removed as a matter of health and safety.

  • The focus of the Vocational Ballet Classes is to ensure students are enjoying, developing and improving their ballet technique. The level of discipline will be controlled and monitored by teachers and bad behaviour/ disrespect to teachers and/or peers will not be tolerated.